AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-08-02Fix missing sessionid for the database lookup in QueryHandlerPracro.origindeva
2011-08-02New 'open course' feature.deva
2011-07-01removed macrotool.deva
2011-07-01Removed longtime unused code.deva
2011-07-01Removed the viewer. It is no longer needed.deva
2011-07-01Removed the viewer. It is no longer needed.deva
2011-07-01Removed the viewer. It is no longer needed.deva
2011-07-01More tests.deva
2011-07-01Fixed bug in field check/creation with depth greater than 1.deva
2011-06-30Use stack manipulation through c, rather than pragram text generation/parsing...deva
2011-06-28Added Jonas Suhrdeva
2011-06-28Complete rewrite of the way lua widget methods, 'inheritance' in particular, ...deva
2011-06-28Added praxisd accessibility through lua.deva
2011-06-28Brush up the old test script.deva
2011-06-28Remove unused NetCom constructor parameter. Make sure maximise/minimise butto...deva
2011-06-28Hnadle 'important' attribute on macros.deva
2011-06-28Fixed compile warning.deva
2011-06-16Remove redundant ttl check. ttl is handled by the database.deva
2011-06-14Create screenshots from xml code in the annotations.deva
2011-06-10Disable timeouts of resumes created in current session.deva
2011-04-27Add pkg-config init and with-praxisd parameter.deva
2011-04-27Expand praxisd birdge.deva
2011-04-25Initial version of praxisd communications class.deva
2011-04-19ACL coming soon in an implementation near you. ACL stub files.deva
2011-04-13Introduce new committable/preCommit methods, that can be used to block a comm...deva
2011-04-12Bugfix: Hide header and expand button if macro is static.deva
2011-04-11Add missing helptext for -P (pidfile).deva
2011-04-11Remove dangling stderr output.deva
2011-04-04Final fix for journal scrolling behaviour (finally scrolls correctly to botto...deva
2011-04-04Fix wierd CheckGroupBox layout with type='framed'.deva
2011-04-04Make CheckGroupBox layout more compact.deva
2011-04-04Fix journal view scrollbar jumpiness. Fix scroll to view on open of new macro...deva
2011-04-01Re-enable multiuser feature.deva
2011-03-30Temporarily revert multiuser journal commits.deva
2011-03-29Examples in docs.deva
2011-03-28corrected minor errorsenator
2011-03-28updated translations to avoid the word 'commit'senator
2011-03-28changed questio to critical in close messageboxsenator
2011-03-28Split up journal commits on multiple users.deva
2011-03-25Finished documenting the last widgets. Also some changes in the docgen app.deva
2011-03-24Initial commit of docgen.deva
2011-03-23Documentation step 1deva
2011-03-18Moved lua methods into their respective Qt widget implementation files.deva
2011-03-14Some more changes to LineEdit lua methods to make medicine macro (db looked u...deva
2011-03-14Add missing newlines in debug output.deva
2011-03-14Make setKeyboardFocus recursive instead of iterative.deva
2011-03-11Huge improvements on 'keyboard-only' use.deva
2011-03-10Add missing newlines in debug output.deva
2011-03-10Fix broken state_change SLOT.deva
2011-03-10New lua functions: template(), macro(), user() and patientid(). New onInit lu...deva