AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-31Set version.new_protocoldeva
2010-05-31Fix hang bug in netcomdeva
2010-05-31Add warning on window close. Renmove discard button.deva
2010-05-28Use incorporated fixed font to render resume texts.deva
2010-05-27Added icons to the toolbar. Added messageboxes to discard and closeNoCommit.deva
2010-05-27A lot of session handling. A lot of new unit tests. Add of a more structured ...deva
2010-05-27Use new commit/discard methods in netcom.deva
2010-05-27New commit/discard methodsdeva
2010-05-27Added new sessions class.deva
2010-05-19Fix linesplitting bug.deva
2010-05-18Fix test macros to evaluate values exactly once.deva
2010-05-18More robust test list generation.deva
2010-05-07Use connection object instead of struct and make xml parsing on-the-fly inste...deva
2010-05-07LOTS of changes. libmicrohttpd fix for 'chunked' POST handling and LUA parame...deva
2010-05-06Add error box on server error. (on commit).deva
2010-05-06Switch to POST instead of PUT.deva
2010-05-06Dispose of old QHttp class in favor of the more recent QNetworkAccessManager ...deva
2010-05-03Handle error_box result.deva
2010-04-29Backported 'no line expand' from head.deva
2010-04-29Backported some widget behaviour from head.deva
2010-01-18Make use of libartefact. Not yet tested...deva
2010-01-18Lots more tests, and some bugfixes of utf8 code. More to come...deva
2010-01-18Use new PHTREAD flagsdeva
2010-01-18Fix typo.deva
2010-01-18Backported testscript changes from Pentominosdeva
2010-01-15Added some more test macros.deva
2010-01-15Updated environment test.deva
2010-01-15Add fix to entitylist, for mixing updates on dir rename/moves. Updated MacroL...deva
2010-01-15Added more tests.deva
2010-01-15Added filescan upon directory creation.deva
2010-01-14Made EntityList able to handle several files with same macroname and version ...deva
2010-01-14Made EntityList superclass for the Macro and TemplateList classes.deva
2010-01-14Some cleaning up.deva
2010-01-14Almost finished the inotify wrapper. It still needs more tests. Made MacroLis...deva
2010-01-07Add some spacing between tests.deva
2010-01-07More work on inotify wrapper. Now the tests at least make sence.deva
2010-01-07Initial code for inotify wrapper class.deva
2010-01-06Made MacroList and TemplateList threadsafe.deva
2010-01-06New artefact connection class (to later wrap libartefact). New environment cl...deva
2010-01-05Remove unused include.deva
2010-01-05Fix testdeva
2010-01-04Added config, cli and compiletime check for ssl usage. Still needs to check i...deva
2010-01-04Remove ugly hack, that didn't even work...deva
2009-12-18Moved transaction handling out of server.ccdeva
2009-12-18Fix compiler warnings "format not a string literal and no format arguments". ...deva
2009-12-18Yet another missing rename...deva
2009-12-18Missing rename.deva
2009-12-17Fixed test makefile rename.deva
2009-12-17Script rearrangement + autogen hack (very ugly) to fix test bootstrap problem.deva
2009-12-17Added connection pool class. Using semaphores (also added)deva