BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterGenerate .spec files, replacing VERSION via configure.Bent Bisballe Nyeng8 years
master-oldFix warnings and error (due to bitrot)Bent Bisballe Nyeng11 years
miavMIaV in CVS\!deva18 years
originRearranged the network and socket code.deva16 years
stable_0_3Added --with-debug for -Wall -Werror and -gdeva15 years
stable_maintenance_0_3Applied Bertho Stultiens' daemon patch for user/group switch and filedescript...deva15 years
R0_3_4commit 6ae128fc80...deva15 years
R0_3_3commit caa558e59c...deva17 years
R0_3_2commit 546c4ec724...deva17 years
R0_3_1commit c77b3d0043...deva17 years
R0_3_0commit 1d30dc5da0...deva17 years
R0_2_8commit 48b768db44...deva17 years
R0_2_7commit c5ab3a0ea0...deva17 years
R0_2_6commit 6005352599...deva17 years
R0_2_5commit c397f2dcdc...deva17 years
R0_2_4commit 35f7908027...deva17 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2007-11-18Added version info on 0.3.4 in ChangelogR0_3_4deva
2007-11-18Updated the libraw1394 code to match a more recent version (post 0.9)deva
2007-11-16Added cpr_listen_port to default config file.deva
2007-11-16Fixed wrong moc path in Makefile.amdeva
2007-11-16Added --with-debug flag to configure script, removing Wall Werror from defaul...deva
2006-08-25Rearranged the network and socket code.origindeva
2006-08-16Replaced the old MiavConfig class with the new Configuration class in all the...deva
2006-08-16Finished the Configuration class (Still missing vector<string> though!)deva
2006-08-16Fjernede miav_config entry.deva
2006-08-16Fjernede miav_config entry.deva