AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-27Fix 'pages' stats (missed internal referred pages).HEADmasterBent Bisballe Nyeng
2011-11-17Youtube movies are now grouped for easier overview.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2011-11-07Only show upcoming shows.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2011-11-01Switch order of title and time in news->post.Bent Bisballe Nyeng
2011-11-01Git ignoresBent Bisballe Nyeng
2011-11-01Rename to .shBent Bisballe Nyeng
2011-11-01Rewl og krat... needs cleaning up - after port to GIT.origindeva
2011-08-18Clean out annoying urls. Don't remove www. unless really nessecary.deva
2010-07-09Fixed time calc bug. Minor 'GUI' tweaks.deva
2010-07-06More informative overview.deva
2010-07-06New smileydeva
2010-07-06More informative navigation system.deva
2010-07-06New tasks system.deva
2010-05-21More info in views.deva
2010-04-16New improved scaling (and now cutting) function.deva
2010-03-18Preserve original userid when editing a news post.deva
2010-03-18Show some stats.deva
2010-03-18Fix sorting of entries after newly inserted entry.deva
2010-03-16Add simple stat log mechanism.deva
2010-03-16Fix broken static path to chicken.jpgdeva
2010-03-13Some layout changes on forum/threads.deva
2010-03-02Remove build-in home/stop icons.deva
2010-03-02Fix annoying mail bugs...deva
2010-03-02Add missing utf8 decode of content.deva
2010-03-02Update script to actually work on new site.deva
2010-03-02Made a lot of changes, making it possible to entirely remove th config.php fi...deva
2010-03-02Add menu in the bottom, when in forum mode.deva
2010-03-01Make window transparent on drag.deva
2010-03-01Sort entries by date in admin editor.deva
2010-03-01Remove hardcoded 'enter' text from splash screen.deva
2010-03-01Clean up css.deva
2010-03-01Missing icon upon news-add-retry.deva
2010-03-01Only load php files as modules. Ignore other files (and folders).deva
2010-03-01Fix center/simple (inverted conditional).deva
2010-03-01Print out error if a mail send fails in bulk mode.deva
2010-03-01Ignore emtpy email field.deva
2010-03-01Moved vars out from config.php and into the config module.deva
2010-03-01Make images in css file preload automatically.deva
2010-02-28More admin styling.deva
2010-02-28View receivers added to admin module.deva
2010-02-28Better control of xml enconding... still a lot of testing to do though.deva
2010-02-28Change some config names to avoid linewrap in admin.deva
2010-02-28Load all modules by looking in the filesystemdeva
2010-02-28Changed how the admin modules is shown.deva
2010-02-28Remove old thumbnails file.deva
2010-02-28Remove old user/users admin files.deva
2010-02-28Added users module. Made new password lineedit widget.deva
2010-02-27Added password-changer module (user).deva